How to choose the best keywords for SEO


How to choose the best keywords for SEO

While offering a great product or service is essential to a business’ success, their online presence is just as important. Since the majority of consumers are using search engines to find products or services, it’s very important for a business to appear above their competitors in search results. The importance of positioning on a search engine has given birth to a new industry called “SEO”.

The primary question is this: what are the keywords that a business’ target audience is searching for? Using several research tools available online, you can find out which keywords are appropriate for your business. Then you can utilize these keywords using SEO tactics to elevate your business’ site in search results.

Think of Potential Keywords

Before using any app or tool, just think to yourself: What are people typing in on Google to reach businesses that are similar to mine? For example, if you run a surf shop then some immediate options could include “cool surf shop”, “most popular surf shops”, and “best surfboards”. Alternating words with other words that mean something similar can help  in your first step of organically brainstorming potential keywords.


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