How does SEO brings customers to my website?


93-percent-start-with-searchWhen someone looks for your product or service online, 9 out of 10 times they are going to start with Google.  So when they search, if your business comes up on that first page, you have a really good chance of that person clicking on your link and coming to your website.

People who are in the search for your product are also usually closer to making a purchase decision than those that are not searching.  That means that if you you are coming up first in front of people that are ready to do business and searching for a company to do business with, your chances are much higher of getting that customer than other means of advertising and marketing.

The prospective customer’s intent to find you and your service or product makes all the difference.   

The closer you are to the top of that first page of search engine results, the higher the chance is that they will click on your link and go to your website.

The number 1 position on the Google search engine results page gets 32.5% of all the search traffic for that search term or phrase (what they type in the search bar when they start their search).  

So the closer you are to number 1, the better your chances are of being that customer’s choice.

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