How Facebook can work for your business

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FBADHow Facebook can work for your business

For small and medium size businesses, advertising and marketing is an expense that most can’t budget. The majority of the time is costly and ineffective unless you know what you’re doing. There are ways to bring the cost down and do it all from the comfort of home or office. For small and medium size businesses online, you need to understand how SEO and Online Marketing works. Although SEO is important and it is worth it, these results take time to deliver. But in the Online Business world, we want results and we want them now.


We will not explain how to create a Facebook Page and how to create ads. If you need that information please click here to contact us immediately.

Campaigns / Ad Sets / Ads

Previously, Facebook had Campaigns and Ads. You set your budget in the campaign, then created ads within it. It worked, but it wasn’t very effective. With the new set up, you can create Ad Sets. These are what the previous campaigns were. You can set your start / end dates, budget, and pause all ads within the set. Usually after starting a campaign, we look at what sets are performing and which aren’t, then pause/stop the ads that we don’t want to spend further money on.

Call to Action Buttons

In the past months, Facebook introduced the Call To Action buttons that are  available for all types of feeds. These buttons help by saving the few characters you use to write “Buy Now” and help you create the specific Call to Action that you want to show to your possible customers.

Buttons Available:

  • Shop Now – Sending users to your store to make purchases
  • Learn More – Sending users to an informative page, blog post, or landing page
  • Sign Up – Creates leads for newsletters and subscription services
  • Book Now – Reservations for cruises, hotels, concerts, and more
  • Download – Grab a copy of your latest ebook or application


This section will help you target your customers more accurately instead of wasting money on impressions for people that aren’t interested in your products or services.

Analytics and Reports

After making the configuration of your ads and tracking that you have traffic, you need to be able to see if they’re coming from your ads or elsewhere. That’s why you need to instal an analytics or reporting system. There are several ways to achieve that here are some examples available:

  • Coupon Code – Offer a specific coupon code for your ads to see what converted sales
  • Google URL Builder – This creates a Google Analytics campaign for tracking sales and clicks
  • Affiliate Links – By using an affiliate program or application you can create an affiliate account for Facebook and create campaigns with your links to track sales and transactions.


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