How to improve the speed of your website

Website Speed

How to improve the speed of your website

Website loading speed now is more important than ever, and many developers and designers don’t realize it when they’re creating websites for their customers. Some believe that since internet connections are getting faster, their website’s loading speed isn’t a big factor.  If the page isn’t loaded quickly, people may close the page and move on to a better option that will load at the speed they require. This can impact your traffic, bounce rate and finally your sales. Having a slow website can also lower your ranking on the search engines, since with the last update Google ranks faster websites higher in the listings. Website Speed LoadChoose a Reliable Hosting Company

When you are in the process of creating a new website, you may think that a shared hosting account is a good option. However, shared hosting accounts often have slow down websites and can even experience down time if you or one of the websites you share the server with has high traffic or a malicious attack. A better hosting account or a Virtual Private Server might be what you need if your website is taking a long time to load. At we offer dedicated server space now that will protect your site from getting slowed down by other sites that the shared account is supporting.

Code Optimization

There are several things you can optimize in your website if you want a better loading speed. Start by checking the size of your homepage images, then continue to the scripts JS and CSS and finalize with the databases in order to improve the loading speed for your visitors.

Website SpeedWebsite Caching

One very good way to increase your website’s load speed is to enable website caching. The use of caching plugins can help you drastically improve your website’s loading time. These caching plugins generate static HTML files of your webpages and display them, lowering the number of requests to your server. Be careful while using this plugins because they require a little bit of knowledge to adjust them properly, if you have any questions you can contact here.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN’s is the best way to improve the loading speed of your website but with speed also the cost will increase, some of them can be expensive, but also completely worth it, especially if you are targeting international customers. This is because anytime your website is visited, the user’s computer has to download files from the server (the time it takes to do this is called response time), and the further away your user is from where your website is hosted, the longer this will take. CDN’s, work by taking a copy of your files and storing it in one of their databases that are located worldwide close to your final users. When your users visit your website, they will download a copy of the files from the database that is close to them, dramatically improving the loading speed.

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