Computer Repair

Almost every computer user has experienced operating failures at one time or another, such as crashing, not being able to turn on the computer, overheating, and virus infection. All of these problems are very common and we have what it takes to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. All of our hardware repairs come with a 1 year warranty on parts and labor.

Computer Repairs

Not in Hawaii? You can ship us your computer. We recommend checking out our packing techniques before heading to the post office.

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STEP 1: Select the location you want to ship:

STEP 2: Repair Process:

  1. Tell us about you and your device and what is wrong
  2. We will send you a quote based on the information you provided within  24 hours
  3. Pack and ship
  4. We repair your device
  5. We call to collect your remaining balance
  6. We ship it back to you for FREE

STEP 3: Computer Repair Repair Ticket:

Whats works?

I, the Customer, understand and agree to the following:

1. The device given to MobileREMEDIES® is certified by the Customer to be in the condition described above. Any discrepancies found on receipt of the device will be discussed with the Customer and must be resolved before the repair process can begin.

2. MobileREMEDIES® provides a one (1) year warranty from the date of repair that covers the replaced or repaired parts and labor. We keep your information and the device’s serial number and/or part number in our system at the time of repair or purchase so that your receipt is not necessary to take advantage of our warranty. This warranty does not apply to any device that has sustained physical or liquid damage or has been modified by someone other than a MobileREMEDIES® employee (see details under “Customer Service” - “Warranty”). MobileREMEDIES® pays return shipping on devices it repairs but not on those where repair is either refused by the Customer or is not possible for technical reasons.

3. If MobileREMEDIES® cannot repair the device, no charge is made for the attempt and we will absorb the labor costs ourselves. Only return shipping costs will be charged if applicable.

4. While we make every effort to preserve your data, this is not always possible and MobileREMEDIES® is not responsible for damage to or loss of data during the repair of your device. This includes but is not limited to: contacts, phone numbers, photos, videos, music and other stored information.

5. Any device that remains unclaimed beyond 30 days after the date the Customer is notified that repairs are complete and the device is ready for pick up, will become the property of MobileREMEDIES® and may be used for donation, resale or disposal at their discretion.

6. MobileREMEDIES® is not responsible for any degradation of the device that occurs after the repair process is complete except under the specific conditions of the warranty.

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