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Device locked with a password that you don't know or can't remember?

Device locked with a password that you don't know or can't remember?


If your device is locked with a passcode or password, in most cases you need to restore it to factory settings to make it usable again. It means that you will lose all of the personal data stored in the device's memory, which you hopefully have backed up on your computer or the internet. With some devices, in order to restore them, you need to put them into maintenance or DFU mode. This can be researched and done on your own, or you can have us take care of it for you.

Don’t want to fix it? We may want to buy it

Don’t want to fix it? We may want to buy it!!

Our goal is to show you all of your options and then put ourselves in your shoes and make a suggestion based on what we would do in your place. Maybe you have an old device that you don’t mind using until your dream one comes out. Or sometimes, depending on the value of your device and how bad the problem is, it simply isn’t cost effective to fix it. If this is your case, we offer other options.

1.  We may be able to order a refurbished equivalent or upgraded device for a lot less than buying a new one. We give a 1-year warranty (comparable to a manufacturer’s warranty except less picky) on devices we sell.  In many cases we can salvage and transfer your personal data to the replacement device and have you up and running again with a minimum of inconvenience and expense.

2.  We may have a device you want in-stock in our refurbished section.

3.  We may be able to buy your broken device from you for cash or give you a store credit towards another repair or gadget.

This is how it works:

We research the value of your device, that is, what it's worth in its current condition, and offer you one third of that value in cash. You get a third, we get a third and the other third goes towards salvaging the parts from it or the labor and liability involved in reselling it in one of our stores or online. With this option you get some cash with no strings attached and no additional hassle but also no replacement device .

If, instead, you choose the store credit option, we give you one half of your device's value which can then be applied to any product or service offered by the store.

Some devices are not worth any money but are still worth recycling for the sake of our environment! We send off unusable parts and devices for recycling rather than putting them in landfills. MobileREMEDIES® makes a donation to The American Cancer Society for every device that is donated to us for recycling.

Did your device get wet? We can help!!

Did your device get wet? We can help!!

As a company based in Hawaii,

we know a lot about water damage!


First things first! - What should I do if my device gets wet?


  1. DO NOT CHARGE IT !!!   When your device is wet, abnormal current pathways are created ("short circuits") that can damage it's components. Such damage can continue to occur as long as electrical current is applied.  Usually, the battery will heat up and die quickly. If you plug it into the wall, however, the damaging current keeps flowing and causes MORE DAMAGE!
  2. If possible, take the battery out.  For some newer devices, they make it pretty hard or impossible. Don’t worry!  Since it does die quickly, your chances of repairing the device and recovering your data are still very high!
  3. Bring or mail it in ASAP (check out the small Priority Mail flat rate boxes from the US Postal Service). devices brought to us quickly, that haven’t been charged, are repairable most of the time!!
  4. Drying the device out first actually makes it harder to repair and reduces the chances of success. If your device was completely immersed in salt water or a corrosive liquid, it may be helpful to immediately rinse it with pure water (preferably distilled water if available) but then drying it out is still not the best option. Bring it or send it to us wet.  The name of the game is speed!! 

What we do:

In order to explain our procedure in repairing your device, let’s talk about what water does to it.

Answer: Nothing!!

Pure water is, in fact, not conductive and therefore not the problem! However, the impurities in water are conductive when wet but then often block conduction when dry!! It’s a lot like the water spots that show up on your car the day after it rains; only pure water evaporates and leaves the rest behind. In electronics, that residue is left on the internal components and conductive pathways causing both bad contacts and short circuits.

We take your equipment apart completely and remove all the residue and oxidation that has been deposited on your board and components, then meticulously put it all back together. This process may take several hours and we use a combination of tools to accomplish a full cleaning.

How much does it cost?

At MobileREMEDIES® we are confident enough in our ability to repair liquid damage that we no longer charge an up-front labor fee. If we cannot repair your device, you pay nothing for the attempt!  We will give you an estimate of the cost of the repair and get your approval before we begin any work on your device. Check out our repairs tab for a quote or give one of our locations a call. Remember, if we can't fix your liquid damaged device, we absorb the labor charge ourselves and you pay nothing! Because of the unique nature of water damage, however, our usual one-year warranty covers only the parts we replace and not your entire device.

We always check the value of your device in advance and will tell you honestly if it is not worth repairing.  It may be possible to recover some or all of your data and to transfer it to an equivalent or upgraded refurbished device for a reasonable price that does come with a one-year warranty on the entire device!  If you are not interested in fixing or replacing your device and simply want to sell it, see our FAQ on how we might buy your device. Our motto is "We provide options" and we can almost always find something to do to help! So, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss those options with you.  1-800-867-5048

Is your device dying faster than it used to?

Is your device dying faster than it used to?

Commonly there are two things that cause this issue. 

One is a bad battery. If you don't remember a specific incident or time when the battery stopped working properly, most likely the battery is wearing out and simply needs to be replaced. The way a  battery works is by changing a chemical from positive to negative, or vice versa, by charging or discharging. Over time this process becomes less efficient. 

The other common cause is liquid damage. Water leaves a conductive residue on the components of your device. This causes extra resistance which produces heat and depletes your battery much faster. 

See our water damage at FAQ if you think your device got wet

Battery prices vary depending on what type of device you have and if it requires labor to be installed.
All batteries come with a one-year warranty

My laptop won't charge!

My laptop won't charge!

This is usually caused by one of three things. You may have a bad power adapter (the box that plugs into the wall) or you may have a bad battery. Most commonly however, the laptop's power jack (where you plug the charger into the laptop) is loose or broken. This can generally be replaced relatively quickly, and is very cost effective. 

Give us a call and talk to one of our representives or check out our "repairs" tab to get a quote or to find our nearest location!

Viruses? Need a fresh start?

Viruses? Need a fresh start?

There is no good reason for viruses to exist when it comes to computers. Unfortunately they occur as a man-made disease that we have to deal with.  We can help

We remove your hard drive, hook it up to one of our computers and remove the viruses externally. However, because you will see a much better improvement, we recommend a clean reload of your operating system. For an additional fee, this procedure returns your computer to the way it was when it was brand-new!   If possible, we will save and reload your "my documents" folder, which by default contains most of your important information.

Call and talk to one of our representatives or check out our "repairs" tab to find our nearest location

Keyboard problems?

Keyboard problems?

Many of us bring our laptops everywhere with us. Through thick and thin, we can always get our work done. One of the common problems we see, is certain keys on our keyboards become less responsive or stop functioning all together. 
Keyboard replacement is often relatively inexpensive and can make your computer feel like new again!

Call and talk to one of our representatives or check out our "repairs" tab for a quote or to find our nearest location!

Broken Screen?

Broken Screen?

Laptops have exponentially improved in design and speed in the last few years, and have also dropped in price significantly. However, replacing the display or LCD generally costs about a third of that price, making this repair very popular.

Because of the sheer number of laptops in circulation, we don't keep the LCD's in stock. We also take your laptop apart before ordering the new LCD because this guarantees that we order the correct replacement part. Many laptops have several different hardware configurations under the same model number. 

Our laptop screen repair comes with our 1-year warranty on parts and labor and generally takes about 5-7 days.

Call and talk to one of our representatives or check out our "repairs" tab for a quote or to find our nearest location!