Shipping Information

If you’re not on Maui or Oahu or you are too far away from one of our stores (or too busy to drive there) you can ship your device to one of our locations. Include ONLY the device if possible. That is, do not send the protective or decorative case, the charger or any accessories that are attached to the device unless you are unable to remove them yourself or unless they are part of the problem. A technician will call you when the device is received, discuss your problem and resolve any issues with you before doing the evaluation so be sure to provide accurate contact information. You will then be called again with details about the nature of the problem, the estimated cost of the repair and a projection of the time required to complete it.

When the repair is finished we will return the device to you, also by priority mail, and we will pay the shipping. If we cannot repair your device then there will be NO CHARGE for the attempt BUT if you wish to have it returned to you as-is, you will be charged the return shipping fee (see also “Returns and Replacements”). There is a 1-year warranty on parts and service for all our repairs. Some restrictions apply so check the “Warranty” page for details.

We do recommend that you take the time to pack your device carefully! 

Method #1: If you have the original box that your device came in, you can take advantage of the custom packing materials that were previously used. They will be exactly the right size and designed to provide maximum protection. That box may be mailed directly or it may be further padded and placed within a flat-rate mailing box from the USPS.

Method #2: If you do not have the original box or the packing materials that were previously used, wrap your device in several layers of bubble wrap. Other soft packing materials may be used but are not quite as secure as the bubble wrap. Place it in a Priority Mail flat-rate box from the US Postal Service that comfortably fits your device after it has been wrapped with several layers.

If your device has sustained water or liquid damage, please carefully read the information in the FAQ’s above before proceeding any further. It can help prevent you from causing additional damage! DO NOT try to dry it out or place it in rice before you send it!

We recommend visiting for additional tips.  Also, marking “fragile” on all available sides of the box can help your package get the treatment it deserves. Priority Mail flat rate boxes, when mailing within the US, have proven to be very cost effective and surprisingly efficient. The same rates that apply to the Continental United States also apply to Alaska and Hawaii and the turnover times are very fast!

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