At MobileREMEDIES®, we offer a 1-year warranty on all parts and labor when we repair your device (the only exception is liquid damage – see below).  This same warranty applies to all the refurbished devices we sell online or at our physical locations.  This is as good or better than most manufacturers’ warranties and means that you can take advantage of the reduced prices on pre-owned devices, without taking the risk of being stuck with a defective unit!  Under these guidelines, we will repair or replace any of the devices we sell at no charge to you during the warranty period. We also keep your information and the device’s serial number and/or part number in our system at the time of repair or purchase so that your receipt is not necessary to take advantage of our warranty.

Keep in mind that, just like a manufacturers’ warranty, we fully cover any defects in parts or workmanship but we do not cover any physical impact damage to the device or any liquid damage.  If we replaced your cracked touch-screen and it malfunctions during the warranty year, we replace it for free with a smile but if you sit on it and break it again or if you put it through the wash, it becomes your responsibility.  Also, if we repaired your device, we fully cover the parts and workmanship on the problem we fixed but do not cover a new problem that occurs after the repair. For example, if we repaired your charge port and later your earphone jack needs to be replaced, your charge port is covered but your earphone jack is not.  If you buy one of our refurbished devices, however, all problems are covered (with the exception of physical or liquid damage) for the entire warranty year!

It is also important for you to be aware that this warranty is based on the confidence we have in our trained technicians and in our sources of quality replacement parts.  If you or anyone other than a MobileREMEDIES® employee modifies your device in any way, this warranty becomes void.  This is similar to the exceptions found in a manufacturer’s warranty and includes opening and physically tampering with the device or modifying it’s software such as flashing, jail breaking or unlocking it.  Typically, if software modifications do not interfere with the function of your device, the hardware portion of the warranty will still be honored, however, if a software modification is found to be the cause of the malfunction and it was not done by one of our technicians, it is not covered.

Water or liquid-damaged devices pose a special problem and are treated differently from all other types of repairs (learn more – see FAQ’s water/liquid damage). At MobileREMEDIES® we are confident enough in our ability to repair liquid damage that we no longer charge an up-front labor fee. If we cannot repair your device, you pay nothing for the attempt and we absorb the labor costs ourselves! Even though most liquid damaged devices continue to work well on a long term, due to the unique nature of the problem and the possibility of additional undetectable damage to the component parts, we cannot warranty this repair. We typically have a high success rate in repairing these water-damaged devices though this can vary greatly depending on the type of liquid involved and how the device was treated after the mishap.  If you have a water-damaged device, our sales representatives and technicians will always make this distinction very clear and will try to give you a realistic estimate of the chances of success but also provide you with a quote on the cost of an equivalent refurbished unit that does come with the 1-year warranty.  

Our Web Services are guaranteed against defects such as browser incompatibility issues except for versions of Internet Explorer 8 or older.  Internet Explorer 9, 10, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari are all supported. Our warranty is valid for as long as we host or maintain your website orfor one year from the date of completion of your project if you choose to use another provider but ONLY if the code of the final delivered version remains unchanged. If anyone other than MobileREMEDIES® personnel changes the programming code of your website, this warranty becomes void.  Once construction of your website or software application is completed and approved by you, any further modifications that are required due to changes in your business needs will entail additional charges, however, any problems that arise from defects in expected performance of the site or software will be corrected free of charge under the conditions described above.

Our liability under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the device, website or software application in question and does not include any other incidental damages that might occur consequent to it’s malfunction or temporary loss of use.  No employee of MobileREMEDIES® has authorization to modify the terms and conditions set forth here and these guidelines will serve as reference in any dispute.

This said, we want you to be a satisfied customer and to recommend us to your friends, so it is in our best interests to be fair with you and we pledge to make every effort to resolve any disputes to your satisfaction.  We will always try to propose several solutions for any problem and recommend the one that seems to best fit your individual needs. At MobileREMEDIES®“We provide options”.