Social Networks and SEO


SEOSocialSocial networks are an important part of an SEO strategy. One functions for promote the other one, helping us spread quality content; and further help generate traffic to the site that we want to position.

How to use social media in my SEO strategy?

First of all, it is important to know where your target audience. If you are a website positioning firm, Facebook may not be the best place to post content-LinkedIn is perhaps the best choice between the two-but it never hurts to use social networks available to the maximum. After identifying the communication channel that works best for your product or service, think about the content; you define what information should be published, services, history, success stories, tips, etc. Once you generate the content, sees see who want to know more about (the content of your social networks must be a bait), so it is advisable to add a link to the page of your site that best describe the content you published. This also makes for conversions; incorporates a link to your contact page, stock or a specific product you want to promote. It’s time to run! Now measure the results for period over which information is better than another, assesses opportunity areas of your strategy, and execute according to your objectives first phase of post-campaign on social networks.

Of course, the use social media has an added benefit to our website ( and our product or service). We can we know who is reading our material! With this in mind, it is much easier to generate communication strategies; for example, on Facebook we easily learn demographics of our audience and potential customers, why not use that information? On Twitter we can see if our keywords as long as we use them as hashtags, become trending topic or theme of popularity and measure the effectiveness of keywords we have selected in our SEO strategy.

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