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Steps to Grow Your Business Online

You have started your own business, congratulations! Now that you’re a business owner, have you ever wondered about the possibilities for advancing your business presence online?

Follow these tips to know what you should do to get started:

Online marketingComponents of a Website

Having a website allows your customers or associates to easily find you by doing a search in Google or Bing. If you have merchandise, creating an online store will allow you to sell to them online as well!

•   Secure your Domain Name: Your domain name is a reflection of your business. Branding is important so create one as relevant to your business as possible. If the domain is too complicated it will be difficult to be found or your customers will not type it properly at the first time.

•   Find a hosting company: A good hosting company is crucial for operating your business online. hosting services will meet your business’ requirements and is capable of scaling with the growth of your online presence.

•   Build your website: The look and feel of your website is very important. There are several options available for creating a website from scratch. WordPress is a good starter platform to use and also is scalable and secure.

Important Considerations:

After launching your website you will need to increase visibility and to drive traffic to your business.

•   Responsive: Is your website optimized to be viewed on multiple devices? With the rise of mobile search traffic, Google has included mobile-friendliness as a criteria for ranking websites viewed on mobile devices, making important to have a version of your website available for mobile devices.

•   Search Engine Optimization: SEO is a methodology of strategies and tactics used in the content of your website to help search engines like Google or Bing find you with a search query. At we use Search Engine Optimization Services to ensure your website appears in the first page when people use a combination of keywords relevant to the your products or services.

•   Updates: Once you have your website up, you need to maintain it by providing fresh content for your customers. Showing new products, deals, incentives and content will have your customers coming back for more.

•   User Experience: Have your friends and family go through your website and try to purchase or request services. Analyzing the entire process and improving it can help reduce bounce rates and shopping cart abandonments.

•   Competition:  Look to your competitors and check out what their process is like. Pay attention to where their services lack so that you can make improvements onto your page accordingly.

Market your services

After having completed your website and started the SEO campaign the next step is to increase traffic by using outbound marketing techniques:

•   Social Media Marketing: Make sure that you don’t wait for visitors come to you. Create a target audience of people that may be interested in your products and services. Create Ads in Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In using relevant keyword combinations to your products and services and get targeted traffic to your website.

•   Networking: Make connections with people relevant to your business and industry. A large network can help you expand both your business and your potential customer reach. This will also bolster your company’s brand identity. Linked-In is a good resource to meet industry professionals.

•   Email Campaigns: Capturing an email is just as important as capturing a sale. Emails can build a refined and targeted list of people that are genuinely interested in your product or service. Emails can be used to send your customers updates on new items they might be interested in, upcoming sales, or even just a thank you coupon code for their next visit. Give your customers an incentive to keep coming back! At we can help you create an Email Marketing Campaign.

•   Advertise: Want more people to know who your business is and what it offers? Find advertising opportunities where people with relevant interest can learn more about your business. Google AdWords is a great place to start.

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