Tips for E-commerce Sites Tips for E-Commerce
Tips for E-commerce Sites
The new year is about to start and this is the best time to sit down and figure out all the things you need to do to make your e-commerce business better in the year to come. Tips for E-CommerceTo get more out of 2018, Software and Marketing Agency has brought to you some good New Year’s resolutions to consider for your e-commerce business.
Perform an analysis of last year’s results
The best place to start with your NYE resolutions is by committing time to thoroughly review what you did last year and what worked and what didn’t. Bring together all the analytics you have available from Google Analytics, your e-commerce software, and your marketing software products and analyze them with your team.
See how your results throughout the year relate to particular marketing campaigns and initiatives you tried and figure out which of your current efforts are working and which are falling short. This will give you an idea of what you should do the next year.
Update your business plan
Now that you have a good understanding of last year’s results, you can create a plan to make sure next year’s results are even better. Software and Marketing Agency recommends to update your company’s business plan and make adjustments based on the results of your analysis and add changes you’re interested in pursuing in the coming year. If you’re looking to expand your product or service offerings, make sure your business plan includes specifics on how to achieve those goals.
Improve your website’s security
You’ll get unwanted attention and scrutiny because of data breaches that put your customers’ personal information at risk. Data breaches are bad for customers and brands alike and can really hurt your relationship with the people you most need to earn the trust of. Just because your business is a small business doesn’t mean you can let security on the side. Your website collects sensitive financial information that your customers expect you to take responsibility for protecting.
Review your pricing
Having a correct pricing is sometimes complicated, if you charge too much, you’ll lose customers to competitors, but when you charge too little you could be loosing money on each customer. If you set your prices a while back and haven’t taken time to revisit them in a while, then let the beginning of the New Year be your chance to see if there’s room for a change.
A good way to do it is to make some price testing, so you can see if you can get away with bumping your prices up without losing customers.
User Interface adjusments
Your website seems perfectly intuitive to you, of course, but this is one of those areas in life where your opinion only matters so much. You need to figure out if your website is easy to use for your customers and, just as importantly, if it successfully drives visitors to take the actions you want them to.
Start a customer referral program
A customer referral program can be a powerful way to bring in new customers. people always trust recommendations from friends and family members more than they trust the word of a business; so giving your current happy customers an incentive to talk up your brand to others is a smart way to bring in new business.
Use the beginning of the year to design a plan for your new customer referral program so you can launch early enough in 2018 to get some real returns from it. If you do it right, it will strengthen your relationship with the customers you already have while helping you grow your business exponentially.
Grow your email list
To strength your relationship with your current customers, your email list is still one of the best tools you have for doing that. You may already have strategies and campaigns devoted to growing your email list. If you do, review them and find ways to improve them, if you don’t have any email marketing strategy, then is the time to sit down and create a plan.
Create Partnerships
Is easy to think that other businesses are competitors, but in reality like in sports businesses are often stronger working as a team than working alone. Analyze what types of partnerships could be valuable to your brand and start engaging with them. This partnerships could include affiliate partnerships, content exchanges with other businesses in your industry and partnerships with other local businesses to collaborate on events or other types of promotion.
By collaborating with other businesses, you benefit from the work they’ve done to build up an audience and earn their trust.
Running an e-commerce business always feels like a lot of work, and no matter how busy you are, you know there’s always more you can be doing to make it better. It can be hard to find time to try new things, but don’t let that be an excuse. is a Software & Digital Marketing Agency that provides a wide range of services for all size of companies, for more information give us a call now to (808) 728-8464 or click here to contact us

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