What to consider when creating a small business website


What to consider when creating a small business website

smallbusinesswebsiteWhen building a small business website, all of the pieces that go into properly executing your business online can be quite overwhelming. From branding, fonts, imagery, content and choosing the right technology we have found the most important factors to focus on when creating your small business website:

Find your final GOAL
It’s always a good idea to know what you want to achieve with your website before you start designing or even building it. A website can have different goals; it may be to sell your products, generate leads, show your portfolio, or display your business services. Once you establish this goal, you can start creating the content of the site and it’s internal sections. If you’re a photographer showing your work, focus on your photos and include the best material you have available. If you’re selling apparel or products, pick your best products and show them in the homepage using links and call to actions to inner pages.

Research your competition
Research on your competitors and the elements of their websites.  This can help you separate elements that work from those that do not. Take notes and ensure your website will be able to compete in the same space.

Structure and Architecture
Design your website to be concise, attractive, and focus to directly to your products or services, this will be beneficial to your business. A website visitor will spend less than 3 seconds forming an impression of your brand, which means you have less than a second to convince your visitor to stay on your site to learn more about your brand.

Having a big amount of pages to click through will not help this impression. Decide how many pages you need to reach the goal you established, and don’t create pages that you don’t really need.

People’s short attention spans mean they want to reach your webpage, get the information they want, and get it quickly.

ResponsiveWebsiteUser Interface
No professional website should have a pairing of more than two or three fonts or colors.
While there are a big amount of libraries of fonts to choose from, it is essential to choose carefully. For colors, the golden rule is to try and complement the palette you have already chosen for your logo and branding.

Select Images
On an average visit only 30% of the words on a website are actually read , but adding color visuals increases the willingness to read by 85%. So if you find an image that perfectly conveys what you do, it is more meaningful to have that image along with the title of the page than to have a page with text-only.

Incorporating these five factors in your website design will increase your traffic. The more you have illegible fonts, too many colors, and substandard images, the less likely your small business website will convert into buying customers.

Mobile First + Content First
If your site looks good on a mobile device, it will translate better to all other devices. More important,  is that the mobile-first approach is also a content-first approach. Mobile has the most limitations, screen size and bandwidth to name a few, and so designing within these parameters will force you to create better content for the website.

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