Best Practices to Protect E-Commerce Websites



Best Practices to Protect E-Commerce Websites

Online Security must considered as top #1 priority for developers of an E-Commerce website. Hackers are at a regular hunt for Social Security numbers, Credit card numbers, and other confidential data.

So, how to keep your customers’ information safe? shares the following tips to help you avoiding fraud and having a safe E-Commerce website.

1. Make sure you are using a secure E-Commerce Platform

Customizing an E-Commerce platform like Woocomerce in WordPress or Magento according to the requirement of your website will help you to save time, money, human resources and also offer a good base of security solutions to your website.

2. Always use a SSL Secure Connection

Remember to encrypt the communication when transmitting data between the server and browser. Maintain encryption algorithms such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to keep hackers from decoding your data. This protects financial or important information of your company and your customers’ information from getting stolen by hackers.

3. Use Web-Standards HTML5 – CSS3 and Javascript uses only Web-Standards code to remove potential susceptibilities from Java or other languages. We also recommend if possible, to eliminate Adobe Flash and various apps that are prone to vulnerabilities. If you use Java or Flash for legacy applications, ensure that you have the most secure version.

4. Choose a Reliable Hosting Provider

Choosing a hosting for your website can be a difficult task. Most of the companies make fake promises like offering 99% uptime, knowledgeable support and unlimited resources. Hosting Packages offer:

  • SSL encryption of at least 128 bit.
  • Regular backup of your database.
  • Maintenance of comprehensive logs.
  • Regular monitoring of network.
  • Provides a mode of contact in case of security emergencies.

Your customers should be confident about the online security that you are offering to them. If hackers have their way, it could cost you their business.

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